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What to Do in Atlanta in August Part 4: Sweet Escape at SOS Tiki Bar

This summer has been epic, and as we draw to the end of August, it's time for the final installment of my blog series on how to make the most of these warm evenings in Atlanta. In part one, I took you on a tour along the West End Beltline, and in part two, I shared with you the ultimate luxury picnic experience! In part three, we ventured to the top of Ponce City Market for sunset cocktails.


In part 4, I’ll be sharing my favorite sweet escape: S.O.S. Tiki Bar!


 Tiki drinks at S.O.S. Tiki Bar in Decatur 


Real Orchid Jewelry at SOS Tiki bar

I can't think of a better way to prolong the dreamy feeling of summer than with a sweet escape to S.O.S. Tiki Bar in the heart of Decatur. This kitschy bar is the ultimate spot for a luscious cocktail with a vibe that is self-described as a “South Seas Atmosphere” and “Tropical Luxury.”  S.O.S., located in an alleyway beside its sister restaurant, Victory Sandwich Bar, may occupy a tiny space, but it packs a huge punch. This small but mighty bar's amazing rum cocktails and perfectly appointed décor will have you feeling like you just stepped onto the set of  “Blue Hawaii,” sans Elvis, of course.


 Any drink that you order at S.O.S. is sure to blow your mind, but here are a few of my favorites! Since we're going all in on the tropical tiki theme, ordering "Biodome" is a must. This cocktail is anchored with strawberry infused rum combined with tiki staples, ginger beer and lime. I love this cocktail because it truly plays its part with its perfectly delightful (if not over the top) array of garnishes -  from a tiny red skull sitting atop a stack of cucumber, lime and strawberry to the adorable little monkey hanging on for dear life on the side of the class. This bright and cheery cocktail will certainly have you in a summer state of mind. Ordering the flaming Mai Tai is also an absolute requirement!! This drink arrives at the table dressed to perfection with a giant pineapple wedge and a flaming lime slice and topped off with a dash of cinnamon that toasts as the flame burns down. If you go to S.O.S. and you don’t order the Mai Tai, have you even really been there at all?


 Biodome Cocktail at SOS Tiki Bar         Mai Tai at SOS tiki bar

 I don’t know what is more exciting to me: the array of tantalizing tropical libations on the menu at S.O.S., or the opportunity to enjoy them while channeling my inner pin-up girl in full-on vintage style.  So, my friend, Kim, and I seized the opportunity and dressed to the nines in order to give you guys a sneak peek of some new Real Orchid Jewelry that will be released here on Devi & Co. this fall!


Giant Cattleya Real Orchid Hair Clip

Kim and I were both OBSESSED with my brand new Giant Cattleya Orchid Hair Clips! These babies are huge. I’m talking HUGE! They measure approximately 5 1/2” across from petal to petal and 5 ½” tall, and were the perfect accessory for the occasion. We really felt like classic Hollywood icons in these statement hair flowers!

One exciting (and little known) fact about my Real Orchid Hair Clips is that they can be worn as pendants and brooches, too! On the back of each flower is a wide loop that can be used to add the blossom to almost any chain that you have in your jewelry wardrobe, and the alligator style hair clip attachment can also be used to affix the orchid to your lapel or even your hat or handbag.  While these giant Cattleya Orchid Hair Clips are set to release later this fall, you can already shop some gorgeous hair clips and pin on my site right now while you wait in anticipation for the fall release.



Giant Real Orchid Hair Flower

From giant flowers to micro flowers, Kim also got to try on my brand new Real Orchid EARRINGS! YES! You guys have been asking about flower earrings for a while, and I’m finally able to bring some into the line. These light-weight blossoms are simply adorable, and a match for almost any outfit in your wardrobe. Kim’s wearing a pair that is perfect for fall with a warm orangey center and deep navy blue edges.



Like all of my handmade earrings, these tiny blossoms are on Sterling Silver Ear hooks, but can be made in other precious metals upon request. As with the giant hair flowers, these baby beauties will be released later this fall, but if you can’t wait, you can find my resin preserved petal earrings already on Devi & Co. which can help tide you over.



Real Orchid Jewelry

We both got to sport something truly amazing: Orchid Petal Bangle Bracelets! YES! These bracelets are made with the petals of the Cattleya orchid. This is the same flower used in the giant hair clips above!

These bracelets come in two different widths based on which petals were used to make them. The wider bracelets are made using the largest Cattleya petal from the tops of the flower, whereas the narrower bracelets are made with the smaller, lower petals. These will be available in multi-colored pieces, orange, pink, purple and blue colors. I am truly delighted to be adding this very very special piece to my collection this fall! 

Finally, to finish off my look, I’m wearing one of my Real Orchid Statement Necklaces in Onyx with Amethyst accents and a deep purple preserved flower blossom. I’m all about the bright colors, but for this occasion, this deep and rich piece was calling out to me. I wanted to go for a “dark and stormy” vibe, and this show-stopper hit just the right spot. I matched this with a simple pair of Labradorite drop earrings to tie it all together, and voila my tiki girl dreams have been realized.  

Even though this is a sneak peek of some special fall release,  you can click here to shop a curated collection of Tiki ready pieces right now! 


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    Goshhh those cocktails look so refreshing! And the real orchid hair clips are so, so gorgeous!

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