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What to Do in Atlanta in August Part 3: 9 Mile Station

What to do in Atlanta in August Part 3

We are halfway through August, but there is still so much fun to be had! I’ve been sharing my favorite ways to take advantage of all that my hometown has to offer before that autumn chill returns to the air. So far, I’ve led you on a walking tour of the West End Beltline trail, and shared my favorite way to enjoy a luxury picnic anywhere in the city! For Part 3 of my series on what to do in Atlanta this August, the sky's the limit as I take you to my favorite spot for sunset cocktails and bites, the rooftop bar situated atop Ponce City Market: 9 Mile Station! 


Rooftop Cocktails at 9 Mile Station


For this excursion, we’re headed from the West End Beltline Trail over to the Eastside trail to Ponce City Market. Although PCM is bustling now, that has not always been the case. The shopping and dining destination lies in a renovated and repurposed building, which was once an abandoned Sears warehouse and distribution center. These days, with its gourmet food court, Beltline access, and upscale shops, Ponce City Market has truly become a must do for anyone visiting Atlanta. As if this location were not cool enough already, the secrets held on the roof make it pure magic!


Photo by Barefeet Imagery

Ponce City Roof The Roof at Ponce City Market opened in 2016 and calls even further back to the neighborhood’s history. According to Ponce City Market’s website, the land where the building stands today had previously been home to a natural spring, an amusement park, and a baseball field before Sears built there in 1925.

Today on the roof at Ponce City Market, you will find bustling Skyline Park, which features amusement park style rides, miniature golf, and even traditional “carnival” themed eats; Endless Summer Beach Bar, with all of your fruity cocktail needs; 12 Cocktail Bar for those who prefer a touch of luxury; and 9 Mile Station, the rooftop’s restaurant and bar. To access the roof, you’ll either need reservations at 12 or 9 Mile Station, or tickets for Skyline Park, so make sure you plan in advance for this evening. 


For the ultimate late summer evening excursion, make reservations for 9 Mile Station around 7:45-8:00, so you can be settled in before the sun starts to set. The restaurant has an open concept and offers both indoor and outdoor seating, but no matter you are seated, you’ll still have a view of the skyline, so never fear! The ambience is upscale casual, and the summer vibe is on max, making this a fun and exciting opportunity to dust off your Devi & Co. Real Orchid Necklace and dress to impress! 



Larimar and Real Orchid Statement Necklace

 As I mentioned in a previous blog (here) I usually always plan my outfits based on what jewelry I want to wear, and that was certainly the case here. Since I knew this evening would be all about the perfect Atlanta sunset, I knew I wanted my jewelry to mimic that perfect summer sky as the sun goes down. The perfect statement piece: my Larimar and Pink Orchid Statement Necklace!


This necklace was spot on! The Larimar called to mind the blue sky with fluffy clouds, and the pink preserved flower represents the vibrant shades of color as the sun sets over the city. You can take a peek at my earrings here too, which are still in the design phase, combining sterling silver hoops with faceted Topaz, Larimar chunks, and sterling silver discs. For bracelets, I went for a chunky stack of stretch bracelets with my Kunzite and Larimar sets, plus my Aquamarine and Quartz piece. All together, I felt like this jewelry ensemble was perfect for the setting and atmosphere!  



Now, Let’s talk about that view! From atop Ponce City Market’s 9 stories, on the patio of 9 Mile Station, you can see for miles. This bird’s eye view of Atlanta is a stunning panorama of city life as it fades into the trees. There is not a bad table in the whole restaurant, but if you are seated inside, make sure that you do venture out to the railing on the patio to take in the sights in an almost 360 perspective. Sunsets from this vantage point in August are warm and dreamy with their lively pinks, purples, oranges and yellows against a darkening blue sky. 


Sunset View from Roof of Ponce City Market

                                          Photo by Barefeet Imagery



Stunning views aside, 9 Mile Station is known for its signature “Old Fashioned” cocktails in three delicious variations, but their whole drink menu is full of summer-time drinks that pair perfectly with a sunset. Since I am a huge Negroni fan, I had to order their Watermelon Negroni, which did not disappoint! For my second round, I went with the “Do You Even Tiki Bro” which was even more delectable than the first. I was so excited to share this experience with one of my best friends in the city, Brandi of Barefeet Imagery, who ordered the tequila based “Flex Cavana”! These drinks were beautifully garnished, chilled to perfection, and absolutely the perfect accompaniment to the changing sky.



Sunset Cocktails at 9 Mile Station Atlanta

 Although the restaurant is known in culinary circles for it’s award winning recipes, Brandi and I opted for appetizers over meals so that we could casually nibble while we chatted. Brandi enjoyed the Smoked Trout Croquettes, while I noshed on the White Bean Hummus with fresh grilled Naan. When I say that the bread and hummus were the freshest and best that I’ve had in the city, it is no exaggeration. If you’re in the mood to chow down, I have no doubt that you’d be satisfied with any of the menu offerings. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself thoroughly when you are in such a good atmosphere along with great people!



If you are in the mood for a romantic date night in Atlanta, or just a way to unwind with your girlfriends, 9 mile station is just the place! With its unbeatable view and delicious dining options, this is certainly the perfect way to enjoy these long August days in Atlanta!




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