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Mermaid Vibes: Curated Tropical Halloween Look

Happy Spooky Season, my ghouls and goblins!


Tropical Halloween Costume: Mermaid Vibes
Halloween will be upon us in no time at all, so I'm here with a little tropical costume inspiration to get your wheels turning this season! You know here at Devi & Co. we have to keep the mood light and the summer vibes strong, so I couldn't think of a better tropical Halloween costume idea than a glittering mermaid adorned in gemstones and pearls! Here are my top tropical jewelry picks to complete a collection that would make Ariel swoon!
Tropical Mermaid Bracelets

The Bracelets:

If you want to instantly feel like a mermaid, just add sea shells and pearls. And these two handmade bracelets have you covered in that department! My favorite arm candy for this costume are my Petite Pearl and Monstera Charm Bracelet and my Tiny Blue Apatite and Sea Shell Charm Bracelet

Our Petite Pearl and Monstera Charm Bracelet is a best seller and for good reason! This delicate piece is elegant and feminine without even trying. The tiny, shimmering pearl beads combine perfectly with our Sterling Silver Monstera charm for a bracelet delightfully suited for an elevated mermaid look.
Nothing says "Mermaid"  more than a classic seashell bikini, so my Apatite and Shell Charm Bracelet is an obvious pick to channel the same vibe. This tiny beauty adds the right pop of color to your tropical costume in a light blue-green shade just like the ocean waters. 



Mermaid Halloween Costume Earrings



The Earrings:

Our mermaid earrings are all about ocean blues, in gemstone form, of course! Our selections feature sparkling blue Topaz and lustrous Chalcedony - each complimented by delicate pearls.

For a luxurious mermaid costume, dripping in gems, we love our Topaz and Pearl Chandelier Hoop Earrings. These handmade treasures feature the most gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz beads, cascading from tiny pearls, hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire. These beauties remind us of elegantly floating jellyfish in Ariel's underwater kingdom.

If your mermaid vibe is more low-key than flashy, opt for our dainty Chalcedony and Pearl Drop Earrings in our favorite shade of blue! Chalcedony gems are known for their quality of seemingly glowing from within! These stones remind us of a sun-beam breaking into the depths of the sea to illuminate our mermaid's playground!


Tropical Jewelry for Mermaids





The Necklace and Hair Clip:

No mermaid look for Halloween could be complete without the perfect necklace and and hair flower. So, we're here to save the day with our final picks for the ultimate mermaid costume with our Larimar and Pink Orchid Statement Necklace and Real Orchid Hair Clip.

If there has ever been a gemstone for the mermaid at heart, it is Larimar! This rare gem, only mined in the Dominican Republic, is literally named after the sea! What could be more perfect to complete our tropical Halloween look than our most loved signature necklace: Larimar and Pink Orchid Statement Necklace! This tropical showstopper features chunky Larimar beads, Labradorite gemstone chips, micro-pearls, and an exquisite real, preserved orchid flower in pink. 

Last, but not least, the perfect finishing touch for your tropical inspired mermaid Halloween costume is our signature Real Orchid Hair Clip! We all know that Ariel was at her best with the flower behind her ear, and you will be too with this one-of-a-kind hair clip. This piece from our signature line is made with a genuine orchid flower blossom that has undergone a weeks-long process to be preserved in resin. What better hair piece for a mermaid than this one-of-a-kind orchid clip!





Whether Ariel is your muse, or you're going as another Daughter of Triton, these handmade tropical jewelry pieces are the perfect way to make a splash this Halloween.



Click here to shop our curated featuring our top mermaid jewelry picks, plus a few honorable mentions!



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