Devi & Co.'s Story

Sheley as a Child

Letter from Sheley


Ever since I was a kid, accessories have enchanted me. I used to play "dress-up" in my grandmother's fancy clothes and baubles, and I think I inherited my design sense from her maximalist style sensibilities. The passion has followed me throughout my journey of self-discovery to entrepreneurship. 

Sheley on the Beach


Traveling and immersing myself in new cultures is one of my favorite activities. But when I first landed in Southeast Asia in 2006, the region enchanted me like no other place. I had recently graduated from college, and I was embarking on a new chapter in life by accepting a teaching position in Indonesia. 

Filled with wanderlust, I fell hard for the country's undeniable beauty. I was particularly inspired by one excursion to Bali, where I bought my first sterling silver beads and other treasures, all handcrafted in a local village. From that moment onward, I was determined to find a way to translate the exotic sights, sounds, and smells of Bali into unique and collectible pieces of jewelry. 


Since I launched my business in 2010, I've found that delivering unsurpassed and distinctive jewelry is my joy. When I create, I love to experiment with different shapes, colors, and textures, so you receive a piece that's unlike any other. 


Blue Orchid Necklace


Signature Details

The graceful and exotic orchid flower represents powerful concepts like luxury and strength. In designing her pieces, Sheley uses hand-preserved orchid blossoms to communicate the magic of Bali and the feeling of blissful freedom. 

These orchid focal pieces are sourced from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they're sustainably cultivated in an orchid and butterfly sanctuary, which Sheley personally visited in 2012. Craftspeople at the sanctuary preserve each flower individually by using a process that can take weeks to complete. She hopes the tropical treasures will inspire you to also daydream of warm weather and crystal-clear waters. 




Real Orchid Everyday Necklace




Our Mission

Combining her expert craftsmanship with the beauty of real orchid flowers, Sheley creates collectible statement pieces made to last a lifetime. The colors, textures, and shapes of the stones are carefully curated in an effort to capture the vivid and exotic beauty of the most pristine tropical paradise. Sheley wants women to feel like they are perpetually enjoying a luxurious tropical vacation, connecting them to the moments when they have felt the most carefree and joyful. 











Our Name

In Indonesia, the word "dewi" (pronounced "deh-we") means goddess. Finding that "devi" was easier to pronounce than "dewi" for most English speakers, Sheley chose the Hindi word for goddess to represent her business. The name is also fitting because many of the gems used in the jewelry pieces are sourced from India, where Sheley has also visited.