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How to Plan your Vacation Jewelry

Summer is in full swing, and there's no better time to get out and explore! As Covid-19 restrictions are gradually lifting, wanderlust is at an all-time high! Whether you're a beach babe or a mountaineer, likely enough, you are making time to travel this month!

Summer vacations are full of photo ops, ranging from romantic date nights to cycling trips along scenic routes, so It’s important that your accessory game be at 100.  I know it’s hard to narrow down that gorgeous jewelry wardrobe of yours, but alas, it must be done, unless you’ll be checking an extra bag! Follow along to find out how I plan my jewelry looks when I am packing for a getaway.

Sterling Silver Scrolled Labradorite Earrings

To select my jewelry for a trip, I start by choosing my everyday, casual pieces. These will be the basis of my cache for the whole vacation, so I try to envision how I can wear these pieces in multiple contexts and with various outfits. These would be your day-time stud or drop earrings, your chokers and simple layering necklaces, chain and pendant sets, and everyday bracelets, plus your rings for everyday wear. Envision looking cute in these during your day-time activities, like checking out that Insta-worthy ice cream parlor, or on a dolphin watching cruise!

     For my recent vacay, for my basics, I chose my simple Chalcedony and Pearl Drop Earrings along with a pair of Orchid Petal Earrings in pink (duh!). I packed my brand new Peach Moonstone and Monstera Necklace and my favorites: Rainbow Moonstone and Tiny Pearl Accent Necklaces. For bracelets, I chose to stay in the neutrals with my Rainbow Moonstone and Pineapple charm bracelet and Pearl and Monstera Charm bracelets. I always wear my wedding rings and my family rings, so I brought those along as well. 


Peach Moonstone Monstera Set

     Now that our basics are selected, we can get to the real fun part - choosing statement and special-occasion pieces! To meet this challenge, I start by brainstorming the fancy meals, cocktail hours, and outings I expect to have while I travel. Think about what clothing you will wear for each of these occasions.

     Or, if you are like me, you may know exactly which statement jewelry you want to wear and choose your outfits after the fact! The next step is simply to create coordinated looks featuring your statement jewelry and clothing. 

     When I am planning my statement pieces, I always start with two to three Real Orchid Statement Necklaces and then choose additional earrings and bracelets to make several looks featuring those few focal pieces. I could go way overboard here because I love ALL of my orchid pieces so much, but we all know luggage space comes at a premium, so choosing my absolute favorites that are the most versatile is a must.


Biwa Pearl and Real Orchid Necklace

     For me this usually means I pack one Pearl + Orchid necklace, one multi-colored Orchid necklace (like Morganite!) and either one blue tone (Hello! Larimar!) or one pink tone orchid necklace. Pearls are a perfect neutral for all occasions, while Morganite can coordinate with an array of looks. Blue and pink gemstones are always safe choices for me because, let’s face it, they are the foundation of my whole wardrobe. Once I have chosen my necklaces, then I turn to my closet to pull a wardrobe that I can mix-and-match with the majority of my jewelry - taking neckline, print, and color into account.

     As a final note, when wearing one of my statement necklaces, I tend to opt for more simple earrings. With strong statement pieces, it's important not to detract from them by adding competing jewelry. So when I am planning my jewelry looks, I always make sure that at least one set is based on a statement earring paired with an understated necklace. This also helps to save space, since my “basic” necklaces can pull double-duty here. 


     Take a look at this video to see me pull a full look together based on my Stick Pearl and Coral Real Orchid Necklace! The best part is that all of the bracelets and accent necklaces will also coordinate with my other statement necklace for this trip, my Faceted Amazonite and Real Orchid Necklace, and I can wear them as basics for daytime!


     Make sure you click here for part 2 where I will teach you how to pack your jewelry so it will stay safe and undamaged during your trip!


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