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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Sisters

The sister who's also the best friend, confidante, partner in crime, therapist, and so much more deserves a special gift for the holidays. Surprise her with a tropical treat.



Gifts for Sisters





beaded rose quartz bracelet

Seminyak Stretch Bracelet:

The Seminyak Stretch Bracelet from our Bali collection is all about style and ease! This beauty features sparkling faceted Rose Quartz beads paired with alluring Labradorite gemstone nuggets. Gift this special piece to your sister who loves to feel like a million bucks no matter her daily schedule.








Pearl and Silver Necklace

Lovina Pearl Necklace:

The Lovina Pearl Necklace is our whimsical take on a classic standard! This stand-out necklace is a lovely and unique holiday gift idea for the sister who seems to have everything else! Here, we’ve combined long, delicate Biwa pearls with shimmering, glittery sterling silver chains inspired by dolphin watching in Lovina Beach, Bali.  



beaded hoop earrings

Sanur Hoop Earrings

Show your sister how special she is when you give her a pair of our tantalizing beaded gemstone Sanur Hoops this holiday season! These beaded hoop earrings are just as unique as she is! Our Sanur Hoops from our Bali Collection combine so many of our favorites: Citrine, Labradorite, and Pearls that accentuate the glowing Rose Quartz drops. 




flower statement neckalce

Canggu Statement Necklace

Our Cangu Flower Statement Necklace is a thoughtful gift for the sister who loves to make an impression! The Canggu necklace is a wonderful gateway piece to introduce your sister to the tropical world of Devi & Co., combining our signature real orchid blossom and silhouette with a more earthy color palette.  This necklace inspired by nature features fragrant Sandalwood beads, pink Agate, Rose Quartz, Pearls, and Carved Agate Batik Beads.



Biwa Pearl Earrings

Lovina Pearl Earrings

Your sister will adore our Lovina Pearl Earrings, especially alongside her matching Lovina Pearl Necklace! Grab these two gorgeous pieces for your sister this year to show her how grateful you are for all of her wisdom and affection. Our handmade Lovina pieces feature lustrous long Biwa Pearl combined with sterling silver accents, exuding tropical elegance in a new and unexpected way! 





Beaded stretch bracelet

Canggu Stretch Bracelet

A delightful complement to the Canggu statement necklace, this beaded stretch bracelet makes an excellent gift for the sister who is down to earth. Our Canggu bracelet features beautiful batik style agate beads paired with a delicate Rose Quartz focal piece. We love this gemstone bracelet for everyday wear all year round, and your sister will adore all of the looks she can create with this versatile beaded bracelet.






beaded pearl bracelet

Coral and Pearl Bracelet

Our Coral and Pearl bracelet is one of our best-sellers, and for good reason! This beaded bracelet is equal parts playfulness and elegance. We’ve combined vibrant pink coral beads with a single focal pearl to create a piece that's ever so chic. Gift this delicate handmade bracelet to your sister who loves a pop of color!






beaded hoop earrings

Canggu Hoop Earrings

Complete your sister’s Canggu collection with our coordinated hoop earrings. The Canggu set from our Bali collection features our favorite Batik style Agate beads. We love this set of jewelry inspired by nature for the sister who is earthy and bohemian. She’ll adore the natural soft and warm tones in this set.







flower statement necklace

Shiva Statement Necklace

The Shiva Statement Necklace is a wonderful way to show your sister that she is your ride or die for life. This flower statement necklace features Eye of Shiva shell beads with pink Coral and Pearl accents and our signature resin Orchid blossom. This piece is a striking tropical beauty that your bold and fearless sister will adore for years to come.






In this season of giving, treat your loved ones (and yourself) to a gift that will delight for years to come! By shopping with us at Devi & Co., you're supporting a small, woman-owned business where each tropical treasure is crafted by hand. 

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