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Winter Style Guide: Tropical Looks for Chilly Weather

flower statement necklace


Are you already finding yourself dreaming of sunny summer days or a warm tropical escape?

 I know I am! Winter may be cold and gray, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a bit brighter with our Devi & Co. tropical jewelry!


If you’ve ever wondered how to get the most wear out of your real orchid jewelry year round, then this winter style guide is for you!

I’m showing you how to wear a chunky flower statement necklace, our orchid everyday necklaces, and our giant orchid hair pieces to make your winter months a bit sunnier!









Styling a chunky flower statement necklace:


chunky flower statement necklace

When you’re deciding how to wear a big chunky statement necklace for winter, the first consideration should be  neckline. To really feature and showcase how special your Devi & Co. real orchid necklace is, you must ensure  that your statement piece has room to breathe - meaning it’s not competing with the lines of your clothing for attention. 


Start by creating an open canvas to allow your necklace to shine! The goals is for the outline of your necklace to be either entirely on your skin, or entirely on your sweater,

For a daytime look, choose sweaters with crew necks or scoop necks with simple stitching and details. For a night out, opt for an off the shoulder sweater dress, or even a wide-neck deep V dress as shown here.


When you wear one of our signature real orchid statement necklaces, you want the jewelry to be showcased and not competing for attention, so you’ll want to avoid garments with higher V-necks, asymmetrical necks, halters, and turtleneck sweaters.




Styling our Everyday Orchid Necklace for winter:


orchid necklace

We love our Everyday Orchid Necklaces because they are so effortless to wear and style!


These unique pieces combine gemstones and pearls with sterling silver chains and our signature real orchid pendants to create a necklace that is light enough to wear all day, yet still makes a huge statement!


Wear the everyday orchid necklace with a variety of neckline options, including higher V-necks and mock-turtle necks. These pieces come with extender chains, so they can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate almost any neckline in your closet. Here I styled my favorite Kunzite gemstone necklace with a simple long-sleeved V-neck t-shirt and a cozy cashmere poncho ( I would finish this look with my faux leather leggings or jeans). 


Just like our statement necklaces, your everyday necklace needs room to breathe, but since the flower pendant of the piece is centered, and the length can be adjusted, outfit options are limitless. 



Notes on prints and patterns with flower necklaces:

I love a good, vibrant print, but when it comes to styling our real flower jewelry, less is more. Busy prints and patterns, no matter how gorgeous, vie for attention with your statement pieces. So my top tip is to keep it simple, or create a separation.

Opt for solids, or choose cuts that create a separate space for your necklace to really shine. For example, with my everyday necklace that I styled above, I styled a pattern, but I chose a cut that gave the necklace it’s own space to shine. The print and the necklace don’t overlap, and therefore, they do not compete as much.

Another way to create separation to accommodate a bold pattern is to choose off the shoulder, strapless, or deep-cut garments that open up the neck and décolletage. 



Take the Anggrek Orchid Hair Piece beyond the Ponytail:


orchid hair piece on a hat

One of my favorite, and most effortless, ways to spice up my winter ensemble is with our Real Orchid Hair Clips!


These beauties can be worn in so, so many ways beyond just your hair!


Clip them to absolutely EVERYTHING!


I clip mine to my favorite hat and change out the color to match my outfit.

 Instant summer fun on a cold winter’s day. We also love to clip these real flower accessories to our scarves and jacket lapels.

These are excellent options for days when you’ll stay bundled up in layers because they are easy to pop on to your outerwear and move from one location to another on your outfit as you add or shed layers. 




orchid brooch

Now that you’ve read our winter styling guide, I hope you find more and more fun opportunities to sport your favorite real orchid jewelry year round!


How will you style your Devi & Co. Jewelry this season?



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