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Why Devi & Co. Loves Orchids

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the past year meeting you all in person, it is that everyone has their own reason for loving orchid flowers. We’ve heard from so many that the delicate blossoms remind them of  a loved one who was a great orchid cultivator. From others we’ve learned that the flowers remind them of their first corsage from their high school sweetheart before their first formal dance.


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Some of you were presented with a fresh orchid lei when you landed in Hawaii for your wedding, honeymoon, and dream vacation. Still others lament that no matter what they do, they just can’t seem to keep an orchid alive for very long!


Your stories and memories surrounding our beloved flower, the orchid, have become treasures for us here at Devi & Co.



It’s no surprise that orchids are my favorite flowers, too, but do you know why I love these delicate blossoms so much? Let’s jump into my very own orchid story!


If you’ve read our Devi & Co. brand story, then you already know that my jewelry line is inspired by my life in South East Asia (many years ago!). I can also trace my love for orchid flowers back to this period of my life as well, although I did not start off incorporating the blooms into my designs until much later. 


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Living in Indonesia, orchid flowers were part of my everyday life. My neighbors grew the most gorgeous Dendrobium orchids and even grafted them into their outdoor trees, so I was lucky enough to enjoy them too! Everywhere I looked were these exotic and mysterious flowers, and I loved it!


What really sealed the deal was my visit to the Singapore Botanic Garden in 2007. The garden is world-renowned for its National Orchid Garden which is home to thousands of species and hybrid orchid plants. Walking through this exhibit surpassed all of my expectations!


I never knew that orchids could be so unique and diverse. The sizes, shapes, and colors were astonishing to me! This is when I can say that my love affair with orchids truly began to flourish!


Now, I see these exciting and unique blossoms as a way to connect with the era of my life when I was fortunate enough to live in such an interesting place. One flower may remind me of the tropical beauty of Indonesia’s landscape while another blossom may remind me of the day-to-day grind of a metropolis like Jakarta.


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I truly believe there is an orchid for every memory. Just like culture, life, and love are all complex and mysterious, so are alluring orchid blossoms in all of their varieties, textures, and colors! It's my joy to share with you a tropical perspective that is unique and immersive with my Real Orchid Jewelry designs!


I could gush on and on about my love for orchids for at least another 500 words, but instead, I’d like to invite you to share why you like orchids! Maybe your story or memory is similar to those above, or maybe your experience has been completely different. No matter the case, we want to know! 


We’re inviting you to tell us your orchid memories and stories. No matter if you have a few sentences, or a few paragraphs, we’d love to hear from you! 


And did I mention there may be a surprise waiting for you when you share!

Click here to tell us why you love orchid flowers!


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