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Introducing the Bali Collection

A tiny Indonesian island that's well-known globally for its varied landscapes, stunning beaches, and friendly people, Bali is a treasure to behold. Some people visit Bali for surfing and diving, while others seek adventure in volcano hiking and diving. A privileged few travel to the island for its luxury resorts and villas, while some trek to Bali to fulfill spiritual quests or stage Instagram-worthy photo ops. 

I see Bali as a place of great cultural value and significance. I had the opportunity to visit Bali several times while I lived in Indonesia, and I developed a deep love and appreciation not only for the natural beauty of the island but also for the inhabitants and their culture as well as their meaningful traditions. Continually inspired and refreshed by my fond memories of the island, I decided I wanted to make something impactful and personal to honor it.






I've been working hard to stretch myself beyond my usual scope of jewelry designing and making to create a collection that departs from my previous designs and rings true to my love for all things Bali. The pieces in the Bali Collection represent my Bali. You may not see this version depicted on a social media influencer's feed or in a glossy travel magazine, but the collection represents the beauty of daily life and the culture that - in my opinion - make this island one of the most spectacular places in the world.

I'd love the opportunity to share some highlights from the new collection and share their significance, so you can better understand how much of my heart I poured into each one of these pieces. Keep reading for insights into the inspiration behind three of my favorite statement pieces.


Ubud Real Orchid Statement Necklace


Ubud Branch Coral and Rhodochrosite Real Orchid Necklace

In this stunning statement necklace, golden-brown Branch Coral beads represent traditional Balinese architecture as well as the Teak Wood craftspeople who practice in Ubud, while the green-toned Preserved Orchid focal piece represents the tranquil beauty of the region's luscious Rice Terraces, a must-see destination for any visitor. 






Real Orchid Statement Necklace with Citrine


Kecak Citrine and Rose Quartz Real Orchid Necklace 

This unforgettable statement piece with an exquisite, preserved Cattleya Orchid features opulent citrine beads, which symbolize the gilded gelungan, or traditional Balinese headdress. Faceted rose quartz nuggets and pearls represent the intricate details adorning the dancer’s Sabuk or ornate bodice with gilded designs. 






Real Orchid Statement Necklace

Nusa Dua Carved Jade and Rose Quartz Necklace

This captivating statement necklace with a Real Preserved Orchid blossom combines shapes, colors, and textures as eye-catching and opulent as a Balinese temple! Finely crafted with lustrous rose quartz beads and pearls alongside intricately carved Jade Buddha beads, this necklace will be a tropical heirloom to cherish for a lifetime. Handcrafting this piece brought me back to some of my most treasured memories on the island.





I hope that you also get the chance to visit Bali if you haven't already done so! I'm happy to share some tips and recommendations in future blog posts. If you have visited this beautiful island, I'd love to hear more about your experience. Let's chat about it.


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