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Fairy Princess: Curated Tropical Halloween Look

Hello my Devi Darlings!

This Halloween season is well underway, and I'm so excited to share another curated Tropical Halloween look with you! The response to my Mermaid Vibes post has been amazing, and I'm so glad that you are enjoying these fun curated Devi & Co. round-ups! 



Tropical Halloween Jewelry


The idea for this tropical Halloween inspired look came directly from a member of our VIP Facebook group, and when I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect subject for our next look.


I dressed up as a fairy so many times throughout my childhood, so building on that, I was inspired by what a fairy living amongst the palmettos and philodendrons of a tropical rainforest may wear (FernGully anyone?) rather than a traditional woodland fairy.


So, without further ado, here are our top picks for a Tropical Fairy Princess Halloween Look! 



Amazonite and Real Orchid Statement Necklace

1. Amazonite and Real Orchid Statement Necklace


 When we think of fairies, we imagine them resting delicately inside of an enchanting flower blossom, so one of our flower statement necklaces was a must for our curated Tropical Fairy Princess Halloween Look! 


 I chose one of our favorite statement pieces of all time, our Amazonite and Real Orchid Statement Necklace. I love this piece for a FernGully-esque Fairy costume because of the natural variation within the Amazonite beads and their interesting and rare cut. These beauties are cut in a twisted oval shape that is not common among large gemstone beads. These striking Amazonite beads also feature unique variations in color from blue green to yellow orange and almost black which remind me of the natural beauty of a rainforest environment. 







Peach Moonstone and Monstera Leaf Earrings

2. Peach Moonstone and Monstera Earrings



Our Peach Moonstone and Monstera earrings make an excellent addition to a tropical fairy Halloween costume, especially for those who prefer a light weight pair. 



We love these for a fairy of the rainforest because the adorable Monstera leaf charms in sterling silver and the vibrant Peach Moonstone drops make these earrings unique and exciting while still being classic and easy to wear (even when you're not dressing up as a fairy!). 







Chalcedony and Morganite Stretch Bracelet

 3. Chalcedony and Morganite Stretch Bracelet



No tropical fairy princess's ensemble would be complete without a little bit of arm candy, and our Chalcedony and Morganite Stretch Bracelet is just the piece for the occasion.

We love  this handmade gemstone bracelet for a fairy look because of the beautiful multi-colored Morganite beads. These stunning gems are so vibrant and happy in their shades of blue, green, pink, and orange. The focal point of this piece is a captivating Aqua Chalcedony stone in a lovely aqua color that seems to glow from within. I imagine this bracelet as a source of an ancient power that the fairy uses when the need arises. 







Chalcedony and Citrine Chandelier Hoop Earrings

4. Chalcedony and Citrine Chandelier Hoop Earrings



This pair of handcrafted gemstone hoop earrings was a no-brainer for our fairy inspired Halloween collection! These beautiful hoops are dripping with gemstones as delicate as the morning dew on a flower bud. Our Chalcedony chandelier hoops are handcrafted with Rose Gold wire suspending tiny citrine beads.



These chandelier style hoop earrings also feature Aqua Chalcedony, just like our bracelet in pick number three. This stone is perfect for a tropical fairy look because it is ethereal and mysterious. Chalcedony is known for its quality of seemingly glowing from within, which makes this gem even more delightful. These chandelier hoops remind us of enchanted water droplets suspended mid-air.




Amazonite and Pearl Stretch Bracelet Set

5. Amazonite Stretch Bracelet Set


Add these sweet little bracelets to your fairy princess costume and you are instantly enchanted! These stretch bracelets come in a set of two pieces, one Pearl statement bracelet, and one simply elegant Amazonite piece. We all know two bracelets are better than one, so this set is double the fun!


Amazonite, along with Chalcedony, is really the star of the show when it comes to my idea of what a FernGully Fairy would choose for her costume. I love the shades of blue and green in these stones to represent the rich foliage and bright blue sky and sea. 








Petite Gemstone Accent Necklaces

6. Petite Gemstone Accent Necklaces


No fairy costume would be complete without SPARKLE, and these Petite Gemstone Accent Necklaces are the most glamorous and elevated way to add some glitter without actually adding glitter. 

These tiny gemstone necklaces are crafted with micro-faceted gemstone beads that shimmer and gleam in a stunning array of colors. We designed these necklaces to be perfectly layered with each other, and the even look beautiful when paired with our Real Orchid Statement Necklaces as well as our Real Orchid Everyday Necklaces!


Grab a few of these in our favorite gemstone and your Tropical Fairy Princess Halloween costume is complete!


Click here to shop our full collection of Tropical Fairy Princess Jewelry! 



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