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Devi & Co. Styling Part 1

Over the years, I've gotten so many questions from my clients about how to style their Devi & Co. statement necklaces! Not to worry, this is a topic that I have down to a science, and I'm more than happy to share my tips and tricks for wearing your treasured Devi & Co. jewelry.

For part 1- It's all about the neckline!

My enchanting Real Orchid pieces are like no other jewelry in your collection, so be sure to give your necklace the space it needs to be the focal piece that it is!⁠

Real Orchid Statement Necklace

✔️ For statement necklaces, opt for an open neckline such a boatneck, spaghetti strap, or off-the-shoulder designs! This allows an open canvas where your necklace is not competing with your clothing.

Skip V-necks and other higher necked pieces.⁠ When the lines of your clothing and the lines of your necklace intersect in the wrong way, it can detract from the beauty of both, so be sure to avoid a rounded necklaces with an angular top.

Real Orchid Jewelry

✔️ For longer, everyday necklaces, V-necks can work along with crewneck (in addition to the styles above)!⁠

My everyday necklaces are perfect for your casual tops and dresses! Their longer length and traditional V shape with a pendant make them so easy to pair with almost any outfit, including your high necklines. 

🙅🏻‍♀️ Halters and one shoulder looks are usually a NO-GO as they compete for attention with your Devi & Co by crowding the neck and shoulders. ⁠

What other questions do you have about styling your Devi & Co. Jewelry?⁠


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