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Devi & Co. Styling Part 1

Devi & Co. Styling Part 1 | Devi & Co
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It's all about the neckline! Give your necklace the space it needs to be a focal piece!⁠
Real Orchid Statement Necklace
✔️ For statement necklaces, opt for an open neckline such a boatneck, spaghetti strap, or off-the-shoulder designs! This allows an open canvas where your necklace is not competing with your clothing. Skip V-necks and other higher necked pieces.⁠

✔️ For longer, everyday necklaces, V-necks can work along with crewneck (in addition to the styles above)!⁠

🙅🏻‍♀️ Halters and one shoulder looks are usually a NO-GO as they compete for attention with your Devi & Co by crowding the neck and shoulders. ⁠

What other questions do you have about styling your Devi & Co. Jewelry?⁠


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