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Yes, I Did Say "Real" Orchid

Usually the first assumption people make when viewing my signature necklaces is that the orchid focal pieces are artificial, and then they ask how I made them look so realistic. With a huge grin on my face I explain that these flowers look so realistic because they are real!

It never fails when I’m showing at a local event that a very curious bystander will do a double take of my table and ask, "Did you say 'real' orchid?"  Why, yes! I did say real orchid!

My flower blossoms are sustainably grown in orchid sanctuaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand where the flowers are then preserved individually using a light-weight resin that fully captures the orchids' natural glory and does not dull or yellow over time. 

Best part? You never have to worry about under- or overwatering these orchids, and you don't need to remember to give them sunlight!


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