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Siren's Custom Orchid Necklace

I absolutely adore making just the right tropical statement pieces to captivate my customers, so when I received the opportunity to work with the gorgeous Siren Williams, I was more than thrilled! Siren is a true beach beauty, with accolades as a professional surfer, singer/songwriter, and blogger. 

After chatting, I knew I had the prefect vision to craft a one-of-a-kind treasure sure to keep this siren singing for years to come. For her look, I combined natural aqua terra japser and teensy-tiny labradorite beads together with a stunning purple orchid blossom. The jasper in this peace is my favorite because of the natural blue and ivory color, reminiscent of the ocean surf! The labradorite beads lend just a touch of mystery to the look, while the genuine flower blossom adds a splash of drama. 

Be sure to catch Siren on her blog and on Instagram! And if you'd like to chat about a custom real orchid statement necklace, I'd love to hear form you! 


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