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Celebrate June With Pearls!

If you are a pearl girl, like me, June is your month! And If you are lucky enough to be born in June, then your birthstone is a pearl!

Celebrate your birthday or just the joy of Pearl Girl-hood with a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry. From classic strands to modern designs, there's a perfect piece of pearl jewelry out there for every woman.

So let's dive into the wonderful world of pearls and uncover some of  Devi & Co.'s most favorite varieties,

Who knows? Maybe you'll find the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection!

Cultured Pearls

Did you know that all pearls are essentially cultured pearls? That's right, even those rare natural pearls are the product of an oyster's reaction to a foreign object. The difference is that cultured pearls are cultivated by humans, while natural pearls form completely by chance. Cultured pearls are created when a small piece of material is inserted into an oyster's body. The oyster then secretes a substance called nacre, which coats the foreign object and slowly forms a pearl. Depending on the type of oyster and the conditions in which it is raised, it can take anywhere from several months to several years for a pearl to reach full size. So, the next time you wear a pearl necklace or bracelet, remember that you're wearing the result of a truly fascinating process.

Our Favorite Cultured Pearl pieces:

Pearl and Larimar Bracelet


Pearl and Chalcedony Hoops

Pearl and Chalcedony Hoop Earrings



Keshi Pearls

If you’ve ever wondered what a Keshi Pearl is, you are not alone! In a nutshell (or should I say oyster shell),  here’s how keshis are created. These pearls form when a foreign object, like a piece of sand, gets lodged inside an oyster. In order to protect itself, the oyster coats the intruder with nacre, which is the same material that it uses to create its pearl. Most keshi pearls are small, but some can grow quite large, like the ones we use. Because they are 100% natural and 100% nacre, each keshi pearl is unique in shape, size and color. We love keshi pearls are special because they are completely natural and unprocessed. 

Our Favorite Keshi Pearl Necklaces:

Pulau Keshi Pearl and Real Orchid Necklace

Gray Keshi Pearl Real Orchid Necklace

White Keshi Pearl and Real Orchid Necklace

White Keshi Pearl and Real Orchid Necklace


Biwa Pearls

Biwa stick pearls are a type of freshwater pearl that was originally produced by mussels native to Lake Biwa in Japan, but these days almost any stick-shaped pearl may be referred to as “Biwa” regardless of its country of origin. The pearls are small and have an irregular shape, which gives them a unique look.  Biwa stick pearls are also said to have a calming effect, which may be due to their muted color palette, which includes shades of white, pink, and lavender. Biwa stick pearls are also said to be lucky charms, and they are often given as gifts. In addition to their beauty and purported magical properties, biwa stick pearls are also quite rare. This makes them even more special, and they are sure to be treasured by whoever is lucky enough to receive them.

Lovina Pearl Necklace

Biwa Pearl Necklace

Biwa Pearl Hoop Earrings

Biwa pearl Hoop Earrings

June is the month of the pearl and we can think of no better way to celebrate than by showcasing our favorite Devi & Co. pieces featuring these lovely gems. Pearls have been treasured for centuries because of their natural beauty and unique luster. They come in many shapes and sizes, but all are special in their own way.

We’ve got a little bit of everything when it comes to pearls – from classic round pearls to more unusual keshi pearls – so you’re sure to find the perfect piece to add to your collection. And what could be more timeless than a strand of cultured pearls? Whether you’re looking for something dressy or casual, we’ve got you covered! 



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