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A Guide to Style for Every Type of Holiday Party

'Tis the "sea-sun" for lists to be checked, gifts to be wrapped, and Christmas parties to be scheduled and attended. Christmas calls for a celebration, so this year make your Christmas party one to remember by getting bold with your style! Whether you're interested in hosting a Christmas tiki party for friends or completely escaping winter and throwing your own party at a tropical destination, we have some accessory ideas for you.



tropical handmade jewelry



Christmas Tiki Party

Christmas parties with their eggnog and mistletoe can feel so cliche, don't you think? Instead, invite your guests to a pop-up tiki bar for a tropical treat like a pina colada or mai tai. Even Santa himself likes the tiki lifestyle, as evidenced by this glittery ornament. No matter what drink you serve, make sure it’s in a cute tiki glass and topped with a cocktail umbrella.

What to Wear: Bunga Bangle Bracelet

An accessory that’s truly fitting for a tiki party, our Bunga Bangle Bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece made with petals of giant Cattleya orchid flowers. This bangle is bold enough to turn heads when worn on its own but can also be styled with other dainty bracelets for a sophisticated and layered look. Style this tropical bracelet with a mini or maxi caftan dress for a flowy, vacation-themed outfit.



Flower Petal Bracelet



After-Hours Style for the Office Party

From 9-5, you may have to follow a strict, business casual dress code. There's not a lot of room for fun and quirky style in many office environments. But you still love statement accessories in the off hours and wish your co-workers could see your relaxed, fun-loving side. The office holiday party may be the one opportunity you get this year to let loose and fully be yourself.

What to Wear: Morganite and Moonstone Sterling Real Orchid Necklace

We say, "Go big or go home!" If you're going to make a splash at the office party, get chic and festive with our Morganite and Moonstone Sterling Real Orchid Necklace. It’s bold yet elegant, so you'll be work-friendly while making a splash. Even if you're dressing more conservatively for this office party, you'll still feel daring in an appropriate way. 



Jewelry made with flowers





Escape from Winter

We think the best party is the one you throw for yourself. If you're like Devi & Co. Founder Sheley and dislike the cold weather, then you'll probably love to fly away like a snowbird for the holidays and escape to a warmer climate. That's a party in itself! But what should you pack?

What to Wear: Real Orchid Hair Clip for Everyday Statements

What’s a tropical getaway without a flower in your hair? Whether you’re wearing bright colors or subtle prints, this real orchid hair clip is so easy to style and will have you feeling like a tropical goddess all year round. For an added boost of confidence, wear this clip with our Bunga Flower Drop earrings for a mesmerizing floral look. This must-have clip comes in different colors, sizes, and styles. 



real orchid hair clip




Will you be finding yourself in one of these situations this holiday season? Or do you feel inspired to initiate some of your own festivities? The holidays are celebrated in so many diverse ways, and we encourage you to own your style in whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable and empowered. Shop all Devi & Co. pieces here.

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  • Aisling: December 08, 2021

    I loved this post! The real orchid hair clip is so gorgeous – I need to get one!

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